We need to move on from traditional methods of political campaigns, where every thing is so excruciatingly mashed together by the media that we can’t tell the peas from the sodding apples or even the chicken for that matter!

Stop dumbing it down and just give us a grownup dinner.

None of the: You WILL have this wonderfully puréed organic British grown mouthful of patriotism.

Stop with the: Oh no no no, you can’t have a bit of our pie, wear it, throw it on the floor and then want something else.

YES WE CAN. We can have some of your pie; it is called sharing!!!

The grownups need to let us babies find our own way.  Let us semi (but not dangerously) choke on a bit of Cameron  carrot before deciding we don’t need to see in the bloody dark because we’ve got torches!

Spoon-fed politics is tantamount to force-feeding. Look what happens when you force-feed: you end up hating the food, hating the feeder, hating spoons!

We don’t want to hate the food or the spoons. We just want to choose our own food and we don’t need spoons ok! We’ve got hands.

Enough now.

Babies scream, babies cry, they’re often up all night and they find it funny when they stick fingers up grown ups’ noses. Do you know what though? A lot of grownups could do with a sticky finger up their nose right now.

Listen to the babies. If you throw us in the water, we have a natural reflex to stop us breathing in water and drowning. If you throw us in the water we can survive. Can you?

We naturally know that chocolate ice-cream is much, much more yummy than cute “little trees”.  THAT’S PROPAGANDA! They aren’t SODDING LITTLE TREES, they’re just plain yuck!

Enough now. I want Baby Led Politics from now on.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 12.30.17

Some of you may have noticed that things have become rather stagnant on this blog as of late. I owe you all a little explanation as to why.

I’m sorry to say that I’m just not as passionate about all of the baby/parenting type stuff anymore. Whilst I’ll always primarily be a parent, my life is moving on and I don’t want to eat and breath all things Mummy related. I don’t want to join in with the sleeping, weaning, breastfeeding debates anymore. I AM SO OVER THEM. I don’t want to review anymore baby things… my house is so bloody full of baby crap… I mean gratefully received and wonderfully useful and beautiful baby items that I’ve happily received for review.
I’m not saying that I’m above all of this. I’m really not and I have loved being part of this mummy blogger community. But is that really what I want to write about forever?
Not really.
I honestly feel so lucky to have been able to spend the last three and a half years at home with the boys, and although at times it has been tough, especially with the husband working away, mostly it has been a lot of cuddle filled fun and I wouldn’t have had it any other way…
Until now.
Having children has undoubtedly been the best thing I have ever done,  but I have been in a sort of life limbo ever since becoming a Mum and deciding to stay at home. Am I no longer a professional? No longer a lawyer? Do I want a career; do I want to go back to THAT life?
Some of you may know that I am/ was a commercial solicitor and practiced for a number of years before making the decision to move away from the city. Other than decide to have children, say ‘I Do’ to the hairy one, my decision to move away from THAT life was probably the best one I have ever made.
But what do I want to do now?
I want to write and yet I have written. I’ve been lucky enough to have had a screenplay made into a short film by the BBC, had articles published by the likes of the Huffington and earned a few sporadically scattered pennies along the way. But in all honestly, I need something with more focus and more structure.
And so, as of September, I’ll be starting a full time course to re-train as an English/Law Secondary School Teacher. I’ve taught privately over the last few years and found it so fulfilling. It enables me to passionately harp on about literature, which is just utterly wonderful!  
I become ‘me’ when I teach. Not the under-confident yet trying to appear confident, exhausted, perfectionist, lawyer ‘me’. The real me.
But what about this blog? Do I just delete it? Leave it as it is? Write about something new?
I really don’t know.
Some of you may have seen the odd book post on here, but in all likelihood, that’s probably not why you started reading my blog in the first place. I’m therefore going to keep all book/reading relating stuff to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL.
I still don’t know where that leaves Our Wild Things. The only baby/child related posts that I still really enjoy writing about are those to do with traveling and exploring the UK and further afield with our wild two. I may, therefore,  re-focus this blog to be a Kiddy Travel one and aim to post 2-4 times a month?
How does that sound dear readers? If you’ve got this far I’m impressed as I do realise that this is rather a long ramble.
Thanks for staying with me. I’m not turning my back on you… I’m just moving on. 

 Back in February, we took our youngest one, Teddy, for a fleeting visit to Brussels to catch up with our friends, Lara and Hugo, and their adorable little one, Sarah.

There’s no reason why you can’t take a baby into Central Brussels, so that’s where we went on our first day.

First stop – Jardin du Petit Sablon – this is is a delightful little garden which is buggy/stroller friendly and surrounded by beautiful architecture. It’s worth stopping here to take in the historical significance of these two counts who resisted the Spaniards.

IMG_3032 IMG_3031 IMG_3029

Obviously, as I have two boys, we had to go and see the Manneken Pis which although surprisingly small, for such a petite fellow, he has a huge wardrobe which is apparently changed all the time. Hah I’ve just read that back – did you think I was going to say ‘wardrobe’?

It was nice to see some murals dotted around the city – this Tin Tin one being my favourite of the ones we spotted, given its Belgian origins.


On a practical note… if you want to take a buggy/stroller around central Brussels, I’d recommend one with chunky wheels, rather than a small collapsible. There are lots of cobbles to navigate!

Alternatively, wearing your little one in a carrier would be ideal whilst walking around appreciating some of the impressive historical architecture, such as the Grand Place.


After such a lovely stroll (and naps en route for the babies), we were all getting peckish and so headed to Chicago Café – a kiddy/baby friendly eatery in Brussels centre.

And wow… forget worrying about whether your child will be bored, adequately catered for or comfy – this is the perfect family friendly restaurant/ Café. There are ample toys, books and high chairs. A great children’s menu and it’s buzzing with so many other families that you won’t worry if your little one is loud at all.

IMG_3063 IMG_3059

The next day, we ventured a little further from the centre and went on a perfectly buggy/stroller friendly stroll around the lake at Park De Tervuren, before having a delicious lunch at another family friendly restaurant, Bootkeshuis, which is within the park.

IMG_3081 IMG_3083

The babies loved their lunch here – and yay the oh so familiar IKEA highchairs were on hand for their little derrières.

On our last day, we head out for a another walk around the grounds of Château De La Hulpe – another stunning location – just watch out as to where you take a stroller/buggy – you may have to double back on yourself to stay on flat ground.

The grounds here are so beautiful though and it is free to enter, so who cares if you can’t do a perfect circuit with a stroller hey?

IMG_3091 IMG_3090

We had a lovely fleeting visit to Brussels and would love to see more in the future. 
This post was due to go live last week, but I’ve delayed posting because of the recent attacks.  However, I wouldn’t be put off from visiting Brussels because of what has happened – life goes on and all we can do is be vigilant whilst travelling. 
Packing my Suitcase

Over the last week or so, I’ve come to realise that even when the forecast is looking a little bleak, there’s always fun to be had and happy memories to make.

Here’s our latest vlog; we’re trying to appreciate the little things and enjoy the onset of Spring.
Thanks for watching.
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Spring and Easter cannot come soon enough for us. It’s been a dreary Winter and I’ve been longing for better Weather and new beginnings for weeks now. Hurrah for Easter being early as we can start welcoming Spring and saying good riddance to Winter right now.
Since the boys loved their Valentine’s Basket so much, I thought I’d put together a little Easter one for them.
Here’s what they’ll be getting in their basket; I can’t wait to give it to them in a few days.

So first off they’ve got some new Easter books. I’ve done a full post on these and the other books we’re reading at the moment which you can check out HERE
The boys’ Grannie has put in two cute chick egg cups  – I think she picked these up in Aldi, but I have seen similar ones on Amazon
Finally, it wouldn’t be Easter without some chocolate. The boys love Kinder and so we’ve got one Kinder Sheep Egg and one Kinder Bunny Egg for them both to share.
We’ll also be doing a little Easter Egg hunt and I can’t wait to be with family and have a lovely day all together.
I’d love to hear what you’re getting for your little ones this Easter.