If you fancy a nose at some of what the boys have been eating recently, here’s a little video for you.

Do let me know if you like this kind of vlog? Would you be interested in seeing a week’s worth of meals or what me/the husband eat as well? 
We try to eat clean with a variety of veggies – of course we have lazy baked beans on toast days as well.
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Yay it is nearly Easter. I love this time of the year: the start of Spring, better weather, lambs skipping in the fields and nearly Arthur’s birthday. 
I thought I would share with you some of the books we’re going to be reading over the next few weeks. Some are Easter related, others are Spring, outdoors and animal type books.
First up we have Spring is Here – we already have the Autumn is Here book and Arthur has been so sweet at identifying things relevant to different seasons.
Next up, two Easter books – a Spot one for Teddy as he loves flap books and the Usborne Easter Story; we’re not super religious, but I do think it is nice for the boys to learn about why we celebrate this tradition.
I don’t think you can get through Easter without some Beatrix Potter references – Easter is about nature and new life and the Beatrix Potter stories are just perfect to read at this time of year. 
We love the Usborne ‘Peep Inside’ books – they are so educational and interactive, for babies and even older toddlers. As so much is starting to come to life in the garden, this book is great to get the boys interested in nature.
This ‘Our Garden Birds’ Book is beautiful and Matt Sewell is such a unique illustrator – he’s from my home town, Shrewsbury, and I was lucky enough to go to an evening class with him and obtain this signed copy for Arthur. We are going to start trying to identify the birds in the garden using this. 

This ‘Wiggle March’ Indestructibles book is brilliant for a younger baby; it can be chewed, screwed up and is quite literally indestructible. This particular one is lovely and has pictures of different baby animals -Arthur has loved showing Teddy what each animal is.
‘Guess How Much I Love You’ is one of our favourite stories and is probably on the boys’ shelf all year round. Keeping with the rabbit Easter theme, it is staying put on their shelves for Easter.
Finally, Thomas saves Easter!! Of course he does… he’s a a hero! 

I’d love to hear what books you’ll be reading with your little ones this Easter.

As part of the Netflix #StreamTeam, I was asked if one of our little ones would like to guest post on the blog and share what they enjoy watching on Netflix and also what they love about their Mummy.

As Arthur is only 2, his typing skills are not quite up to scratch and so I thought I’d conduct a little interview instead.
So here’s Arthur sharing with you all that he loves about Netflix and telling us about what Mother’s Day means to him.
Hope you enjoy.

I recently read a great post over on the lovely Harriet’s blog, Toby and Roo. She had written a really honest account on why she doesn’t think that being a ‘stay at home mum’ is a job – acknowledging that it’s bloody hard work and often harder than many a job, but that strictly speaking it isn’t employment. She also said that she found the term “full time Mummy” quite offensive, as she felt it suggests that any parent who does have a job, is less of a parent.

I didn’t find her post offensive and other than working about 5 hours a week, I don’t have a job and I spend most of my time looking after my boys. I agree with Harriet that looking after your children is not a job – it can be harder, and more emotionally and physically draining. It can be rewarding, infuriating, exhausting, humbling and there are amazing days and terrible days.  Sometimes, when things get too much I just lie down, put my headphones in and let the boys climb all over me and each other in the play room whilst I pretend to be in some spa, far far away having a rather uncomfortable massage! 
What really surprised me was some of the comments Harriet had replying to her post; some people were apparently very offended by what she had said. I still don’t understand what they were upset about – they called her offensive and narrow minded and even asked her to take down her blog….WHAT?
What were they offended by? She didn’t be-little what they did in anyway at all!
If you choose to not work and to stay at home with your children (as I do), then that is your parenting choice. It is because it’s right for your family. I used to be a solicitor/lawyer, often working 60+ hours a week – that was hard, but being with my boys all day, every day can be harder.
If however, you work, whether part-time or full-time, that does not mean that you are any less of a parent. You are not a part-time parent! Parenting also includes providing for your children – giving them healthy food to eat and providing them with the setting and environment you want them to have. That inevitably costs money and so if you work to enable that, you are still parenting even when not with your children. Not to mention that most people who work don’t have cooks or cleaners and have to do all of the housework around their jobs.
And if you are in the financial position where you don’t have to work, but you choose to, then that is also a parenting choice. You are being who you are. You are being true to yourself. We want to raise our children to be themselves, to become and achieve the things THEY want to achieve.  As a parent, there is nothing wrong with choosing to work and in so doing, showing your children that they will be free to make these choices one day too.  You are not a part-time parent or any less of a parent than someone who either has to work or who doesn’t work.
I will say it again – I just don’t understand what people were offended by in Harriet’s post. I wonder whether they’re not actually that happy and are just looking for something to find offensive. I know I do this. I did and still do feel like I failed at breastfeeding my children. For a while, I didn’t even want to see other women breastfeed – it just reminded me of how I had failed. I did and I still do click on every breastfeeding post I see and take offence at anything which could suggest that formula is bad, or that any woman can breastfeed etc. I am ridiculous and I probably should have spoken to someone about it… but my very waffly point is that I do this because I still have issues with breastfeeding. I think that some of Harriet’s commentators must have issues with being a stay at home parent as I just can’t see why they would comment in the way they did otherwise.
Don’t worry about those comments Harriet, it was a great post as is your blog. 
And I’ll leave you all with this image. We don’t know if this wonderful lady is working or not, but what we can assume, is that if she is a mum and these are her children, that she’s no doubt doing everything she can for them and being a full-time parent just like the rest of us.

This evening hasn’t been the best. Not terrible, and don’t worry everything is ok. We’re all ok, but Teddy took a tumble right from the top to the bottom of the stairs.

I was right there with him, had walked behind him until he got to the top and then I moved alongside him as he’d usually just crawl forward and go on to the landing. 
He didn’t go onto the landing. 
He stood up; wobble and gosh it happened so fast, that overbalance backwards. My hands couldn’t get there quick enough. I couldn’t stop him, catch him quick enough. And then… bump. Bump. All the way down the stairs, right to the bottom.
I scoop him up into my arms and try not to cry with panic. Is he ok? Shit I shouldn’t have scooped him up so quickly before checking him. He’s conscious. He’s still screaming. That’s a good sign right?
Arthur’s done a poo upstairs. “Good boy Arthur, just stay there. Don’t come out of the bathroom. Teddy is hurt.” A selfish thought. Please don’t come out of the bathroom and sit on the cream carpet with no pants on. Please. I can’t deal with that and this.
Back to Teddy.
Oh god, I’m a terrible parent. Why didn’t I catch him? Why didn’t I stay behind him? Who lets their 17 month old fall down the stairs?
Strip him off. Sing him a song. Phew he’s calming down. 
On the changing table. Ok good, he can move all his arms and legs. He’s not that happy with me lifting his hips up. He doesn’t want to be put down.
Please please don’t have broken anything.
Shit. Did I see him bang his head? It’s ok, it’s carpet. I don’t think he knocked it too hard. But then neither did Liam Neesan’s wife and she was wearing a helmet. 
I think I should have him checked over. Oh god  I’ve got Arthur. I can’t take two of them to the hospital on my own. Text lovely neighbour and say what’s happened. 
Yessss. Lovely neighbour has text back and has said she’ll have Arthur whilst I go to hospital.
Put Teddy down. He’s walking fine. He laughs…
A massive over reaction. 
Oh … but does he look a bit stiff? A bit pale? Did that squeak mean that his leg hurts? Put him in the highchair for dinner. He’s definitely labouring that one leg – doesn’t want it to hang loose like the other.
Ok, I’m not completely over-reacting.
Arthur fed and packed off with PJs, pudding, water a toy and a blanket just in case.
Quick, plan for worst case and shove enough in the changing bag for a hospital admission. Toys, food, vests, pjs, bibs, dummies, blankets, milk, bottle, phone charger… yes I did that!
Arrive at the minor injuries department.  Say I’m probably over-reacting and that I feel so guilty for not catching him, a billion times over.
Nurses are such a wonderful species aren’t they? 
“No it’s not your fault at all. You have to let him climb the stairs, they need to learn these skills. It’s just as risky to carry him. No don’t worry. Better to get it checked out. It’s what we’re here for”. 
Observed for a bit and checked over by nice doctor. All is fine. Perhaps he might be stiff tomorrow; that leg might be bruised. Come back if any concerns at all. Checked for concussion signs – all looks ok. Call if any worries in the night… given all the info on what to look for.
Ok. Good. He is ok. Big sigh of relief.
Right, I better tell the husband. Text husband. “Don’t worry, Teddy is fine, but this is what has happened” bla bla bla
Husband calls…

“What were you letting him climb the stairs for? Why weren’t you behind him??”
Great. Just great. 
Wine please.
No! I can’t have any wine just in case he gets delayed concussion. I should check he’s ok now. Shit… how long have I been typing this for? I haven’t checked him in 20 minutes… I’m a terrible mother. 
I will check him now. And every half an hour through the night? 
Ok maybe not every half an hour.

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