This evening hasn’t been the best. Not terrible, and don’t worry everything is ok. We’re all ok, but Teddy took a tumble right from the top to the bottom of the stairs.

I was right there with him, had walked behind him until he got to the top and then I moved alongside him as he’d usually just crawl forward and go on to the landing. 
He didn’t go onto the landing. 
He stood up; wobble and gosh it happened so fast, that overbalance backwards. My hands couldn’t get there quick enough. I couldn’t stop him, catch him quick enough. And then… bump. Bump. All the way down the stairs, right to the bottom.
I scoop him up into my arms and try not to cry with panic. Is he ok? Shit I shouldn’t have scooped him up so quickly before checking him. He’s conscious. He’s still screaming. That’s a good sign right?
Arthur’s done a poo upstairs. “Good boy Arthur, just stay there. Don’t come out of the bathroom. Teddy is hurt.” A selfish thought. Please don’t come out of the bathroom and sit on the cream carpet with no pants on. Please. I can’t deal with that and this.
Back to Teddy.
Oh god, I’m a terrible parent. Why didn’t I catch him? Why didn’t I stay behind him? Who lets their 17 month old fall down the stairs?
Strip him off. Sing him a song. Phew he’s calming down. 
On the changing table. Ok good, he can move all his arms and legs. He’s not that happy with me lifting his hips up. He doesn’t want to be put down.
Please please don’t have broken anything.
Shit. Did I see him bang his head? It’s ok, it’s carpet. I don’t think he knocked it too hard. But then neither did Liam Neesan’s wife and she was wearing a helmet. 
I think I should have him checked over. Oh god  I’ve got Arthur. I can’t take two of them to the hospital on my own. Text lovely neighbour and say what’s happened. 
Yessss. Lovely neighbour has text back and has said she’ll have Arthur whilst I go to hospital.
Put Teddy down. He’s walking fine. He laughs…
A massive over reaction. 
Oh … but does he look a bit stiff? A bit pale? Did that squeak mean that his leg hurts? Put him in the highchair for dinner. He’s definitely labouring that one leg – doesn’t want it to hang loose like the other.
Ok, I’m not completely over-reacting.
Arthur fed and packed off with PJs, pudding, water a toy and a blanket just in case.
Quick, plan for worst case and shove enough in the changing bag for a hospital admission. Toys, food, vests, pjs, bibs, dummies, blankets, milk, bottle, phone charger… yes I did that!
Arrive at the minor injuries department.  Say I’m probably over-reacting and that I feel so guilty for not catching him, a billion times over.
Nurses are such a wonderful species aren’t they? 
“No it’s not your fault at all. You have to let him climb the stairs, they need to learn these skills. It’s just as risky to carry him. No don’t worry. Better to get it checked out. It’s what we’re here for”. 
Observed for a bit and checked over by nice doctor. All is fine. Perhaps he might be stiff tomorrow; that leg might be bruised. Come back if any concerns at all. Checked for concussion signs – all looks ok. Call if any worries in the night… given all the info on what to look for.
Ok. Good. He is ok. Big sigh of relief.
Right, I better tell the husband. Text husband. “Don’t worry, Teddy is fine, but this is what has happened” bla bla bla
Husband calls…

“What were you letting him climb the stairs for? Why weren’t you behind him??”
Great. Just great. 
Wine please.
No! I can’t have any wine just in case he gets delayed concussion. I should check he’s ok now. Shit… how long have I been typing this for? I haven’t checked him in 20 minutes… I’m a terrible mother. 
I will check him now. And every half an hour through the night? 
Ok maybe not every half an hour.

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I’m trying to mix up what the boys have for lunch at the moment – it is so easy to get stuck in a rut of cheese on toast, wraps and ham sandwiches.

I’m always looking for sneaky ways to get veggies into the boys and so thought I’d whizz up some sweet potato and courgette, add some cheese, bake and boom… a yummy lunch.

Half a medium Sweet Potato – roughly peeled and chopped into small cubes 
Half a Courgette – dark green outer roughly peeled off and chopped
Half a Cup of Grated Cheddar Cheese
Wholemeal Breadcrumbs – I make my own by whizzing a stale crust through the processor
You’ll also need a food processor. I have a small handheld one which is ideal for this recipe.

Pre-heat your oven to 200 degrees celsius.

Steam the veggies until you can push a fork through them, but they are still slightly firm – about 5-7 minutes for the sweet potato and 3-4 minutes for the courgette.
Leave the steamed veggies for 5 minutes to cool.
Pop the veggies into the food processor and give it a couple of whizzes so that it is finely chopped, but not starting to purée. Leave to cool for another 5 mins.
Grate a half cup of cheddar and mix it into the chopped veggies.
Split the mixture into 6 patties (about a tablespoon each), rolling the patties in your hands. Dip the patties into the breadcrumbs. 
Lightly oil a baking tray with coconut or rapeseed oil and place the patties on the tray.
Bake in the oven until golden brown (about 10 minutes), turning after 5-6 minutes.
Serve up…. watch out they get hot in the middle.
The boys had these with hummus, cheese crackers, cucumber and grapes. They LOVED them.

Do let me know if you make these and how well they turn out – I just kind of threw them together so hope i’ve remembered the recipe ok.

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Gosh there have been lots of things we’ve enjoyed this last month. Let’s not procrastinate, I’ll get straight to it…

As the weather has been so terrible, we’ve been cooped up watching TV much more than I’d like, but we’ve found some great shows we’ve not watched before . Firstly, Arthur has been loving Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom on Netflix. It is sooooooooo much better than Peppa Pig (you know how I feel about that little Madame).
Me and the husband have started watching Bloodline (also on Netflix) which is a dark and twisted thriller about an American family. We’re about halfway through the first season and I’m addicted! 
On mainstream TV, I’m so excited that the Great British Design Challenge is back on BBC 2 (Monday – Wednesday 7.00pm). This is like the Bake Off for interior designers… I love it! Some of the designer’s ideas are a bit bonkers, but there are some great ideas for things I’d like to try in my own home.

As you may know, I mainly only use organic/natural skincare items these days. I’ve noticed such an improvement in my skin and these products are much more ethical,  an even bigger bonus!

My favourite skincare item of the month is undoubtedly Skin and Tonic’s Calm Clean – a beautiful organic/natural facial cleanser which smells delicious and removes all makeup and daily yuck, leaving your face fresh and clean. I LOVE it and it is up there with my all time favourite cleansers. 
Secondly, Neal’s Yard Nurturing Rose Shampoo which is just doing wonders for my mixed bag of a mop. I’m growing out my blonde dyed locks and it has been difficult to find a shampoo which suits all of my hair. 
Kids’ Product

Like last month, this is a bit of a random product. We’re getting more into messy play and creating little role play worlds for the boys’ toys. To try and keep the mess contained, I’ve bought a builders’ mixing tray – Arthur loves it and so far it’s been used for messy play with rice, play dough and also serves as a good base for their wooden castle to re-enact rescue missions. I bought this tray from Amazon
Home Decor

We’re just about to create a big picture wall, right up the stairs and into the landing. It’s mainly going to be for family photos, but with a few art bits and some quotes. I’ve recently bought this little print from a shop called Hamish and the Hen on Etsy and I love it… it sums up the boys and my family perfectly.
There’s loads more I could add, but I don’t want to ramble on too much and so I’ll save them for next month. What products/things have you been loving over the last month? 

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For the first time in what seems like an age, last week the weather picked up enough for us to spend some time outdoors and go on a little adventure.
Arthur absolutely loves Julia Donaldson’s and Axel Scheffler’s books, particularly Stick Man, since the adaptation was on TV over Christmas. I’d heard that the Forestry Commission have set up some Stick Man trails around the country and so we thought we’d head over to our nearest one at Haughmond Hill, Shrewsbury.
We bought the activity pack (£3) and Arthur really enjoyed playing the little activities, such as bark rubbing, identifying leaves and feeling the different textures of the trees.
The walk was the perfect length for a toddler – Arthur didn’t get bored at all and was happy to walk the whole way. It was also buggy/stroller friendly and there were all of the family friendly facilities there which we needed, such as changing facilities and a café. I’ll definitely be submitting this walk to ‘Can Kids Go?’ as it is very family friendly.
These activity trails are such a brilliant way to encourage little ones to enjoy the outdoors. We loved it and so I thought I’d share our photos with you all.

Have you been on a Stick Man Trail? I’d love to see your pictures.

Travel Monkey
Monkey and Mouse

Hello dear folks. With Mother’s Day just around the corner (Sunday 6th March), I thought I’d get myself a-crafting again with the boys.

I don’t know where they get it from, but Arthur and Teddy seem to have an incredible talent for footprint painting. Our poor family have already been inundated with Christmas footprint cards, canvases… what else could they possible want a footprint on??? Of course….
A bag! 
With Spring in the air and the return of the birds, this is what we’ve come up with. 
All you need is:
Feet (any size will do)
Plain Cotton Tote Bags – I got them from Amazon (less than £1 each)
Fabric Paint – I also got these from Amazon
Paint brushes
The boys enjoyed making these, and today, whilst they’ve been at nursery, I’ve finished off the rest of the birds and the writing 🙂

So what do you think? I’d love to see any DIY gifts you’ve made.

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